Here are several of our FAQs. Please get in contact if you have any questions.

Q1. What does it cost, and how long does it take, to create an AvailableLawyers account?

Answer: It's free, and takes about two minutes.

Q2. How do you make postings on the AvailableLawyers website?

Answer: This short video explains the very easy process.


Q3. What are the best ways of obtaining work through AvailableLawyers?


1. Show your ‘Availability’ to provide representation at particular courts/tribunals. Site users will then see your 'Availability' at those locations, and can contact you direct.

2. Use the ‘Optional Alerts’ feature. This will send you immediate email alerts about new ‘Requests’ for representation at your chosen locations.

3.  Keep an eye on the AvailableLawyers live map. The map automatically shows all current 'Requests' for representation throughout England & Wales. 

Q4. Can I show myself as ‘Available’ to provide representation at more than one location at the same time?

Answer: Yes, but please be realistic!

Q5. I wouldn't want to show my future ‘Availability’ because my schedule often changes. How can I still use the website?

Answer:The site makes it very easy to update your postings, adding or deleting them as necessary.

Q6. What is the AvailableLawyers live map?

Answer: The map automatically shows all current 'Requests' for representation throughout England & Wales.

Q7. I am often on the move. Can I still use all features of the website?

Answer: Yes. The site is designed so as to work on all devices - from mobiles to desktops.

Q8. Can other users of the website always see my details?

Answer: No. Your details will only appear when you are currently active on the website. That is when you have current postings ('Available' or 'Requesting'} at particular courts/tribunals. 

Q9. Can I review a lawyer whom I have used though AvailableLawyers?

Answer: We do not host reviews or ratings because we could not vouch for their reliability or impartiality.

Q10. How can I check the credentials of lawyers appearing on the website?

Answer: Our ‘Resources’ page has links to the websites of the main professional bodies.

Q11. Where can I find information about court and tribunal listings?

Answer: Some lists are published by the Ministry of Justice. More complete lists are published by CourtServe. Links to their websites can be found on our ‘Resources’ page

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